Protecting Your Family in An Accident

The Dodge Caravan offers a sturdy structure, giving you a van that is stylish to drive and comfortable for your family while still offering the safety that you need in a vehicle. The foundation of the van is steel, which lends to the performance of vehicle impacts if there's an accident in Mystic, CT.

Head restraints are located in the front of the vehicle. These can help in minimizing whiplash. The restraints will shift during a rear-end accident so that the chances of injuries to your back and head are decreased.

At least seven airbags are located in the van from the front of the vehicle to the back. A feature for the front of the van is a knee airbag that can keep your legs from hitting the dashboard of the van. Crumple zones can be pointed out by Valenti Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram as these are areas that absorb more of the impact during an accident.

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