Specialized Groove Design Makes a Difference

No matter what safety features a given vehicle may have, they are of little use if the vehicle's tires cannot stay in contact with the road service. Keeping tires in contact with the road involves many factors, and these include road surface, weather, and tire type. In particular, tire type is very important during the colder seasons of the year. Here at Valenti Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we enjoy helping drivers to select the correct tires for the correct season. Drivers who focus on using tires with the proper materials will be boosting their chances for safe operation.

As opposed all-season tires, winter tires are made of special rubbers that can stay soft even during subzero temperatures. Tire softness is important because this allows the tires to remain in close contact with roads and to maintain proper shapes.

In addition to materials, special tread designs can increase traction and improve safety. Winter tires have deeper grooves with sharper and more defined edges than all-season tires, which have shallow grooves and blunt edges. The deep grooves and sharp edges of winterized tires give drivers another edge in the battle for safety.

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